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Driver for DURASTRIP
Driver for DURASTRIP
  • Loose wires connection.
  • TUV mark.
  • Class I driver
  • SELV-equivalent
  • Protection in case of short circuit or overload in the secondary circuit.
  • 50/60Hz.
  • Driver with constant voltage output 24Vdc, built exclusively to work with LED strips; for indoor use only.
  • Compliant with Directive 2004/108 / EC for electromagnetic compatibility and Directive 2006/95 / EC low voltage.
  • This driver can be used exclusively with LED strips - This driver can be used only indoors.
  • TUV mark
  • Driver Class I
  • The maximum length of cable from the driver to the strip must not be more than 2m. This in order to remain compliant with EMC rules.
  • Possibility to control output voltage.
  • Elctrical load shoudl not ne less than 0 and more than 600W.
Item Characteristics
Code ZK73600T
Base cavi liberi / loose wires
Input voltage 220-240V
Lenght 290 mm
Output load (W) 600 W
Energy Class
Tech Info
Dimmable NO
Power Factor 0,9
T (C) Working environment Temp. -25C / +35C
Fulfilled Directives and norms 2006/95/CE * Bassa Tensione
2012/19/UE * RAEE
EN 60155 * anno 1996 (+A2:2007)
2011/65/UE * RoHS
P.I.: 03312240488
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