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Driver for DURASTRIP
Driver for DURASTRIP
  • Loose wires connection.
  • TUV mark.
  • Class II driver
  • SELV-equivalent
  • Protection in case of short circuit or overload in the secondary circuit.
  • 50/60Hz.
  • Driver with constant voltage output 24Vdc, built exclusively to work with LED strips; for indoor use only.
  • Compliant with Directive 2004/108 / EC for electromagnetic compatibility and Directive 2006/95 / EC low voltage.
  • This driver can be used exclusively with LED strips - This driver can be used only indoors.
  • TUV mark
  • Driver Class II
  • The load of the driver must never be lower than 0W and higher than 60W
  • The maximum length of cable from the driver to the strip must not be more than 2m. This in order to remain compliant with EMC rules.
Item Characteristics
Code ZK7360
Lamp Voltage 200-240 V
Base Morsettiera / Terminal block
Input voltage 200-240V
Lenght 305 mm
Maximum output current (mA) 2500 mA
Output load (W) 60 W
Energy Class
Tech Info
Power Factor 0,9
T (C) Working environment Temp. -25C / +35C
Fulfilled Directives and norms 2006/95/CE * Bassa Tensione
2012/19/UE * RAEE
EN 60155 * anno 1996 (+A2:2007)
2011/65/UE * RoHS
P.I.: 03312240488
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