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SLIMFLUX 60x60 Plus UGR<19
  • Ultra flat LED appliances for direct lighting.
  • A UGR19 is required for places where visual display units are used. Slimflux UGR19 controls the reflected glare, specifically on video terminals, limiting the incidence of the luminous beam. For improved quality of the work and of peoples' life.
  • Side heat dissipation.
  • Possible installation: suspended or recessed mounting.
  • Immediate switch-on.
  • Maintenance-free..
  • Extremely high color rendering: Ra>80.
  • Fuse for mains protection.
  • Working position: universal.
  • IP40.
  • White painted metal body.
  • Adjustable suspension wires kit available with separate code: KTLP-SPU.
  • Remote power supply included.
  • Do not use with dimmer.
  • DIMMABILITY: SLIMFLUX can be used with multi-current multi-voltage dimming power supply, code DELT50 D-M
  • STANDBY EMERGENCY: SLIMFLUX can be used with standby emergency kit, code KTEMR03.
Item Characteristics
Code LP6060NW1UGR
Nominal Power 40 W
Base cavi/wires
Input current 230
Flux 4000 Lumen
Input voltage 220-240
Light Tonality Natural white
Colour temperature 4000 K
Opening beam 120░
Lenght 595 mm
Lenght 1 595 mm
Lenght 2 9 mm
Weight 3500 gr
Maximum output current (mA) 1000 mA
Output load (W) 40 W
Photometry LP6060NW1UGR
Irc/Ra >80
Lifetime 35000 h
Energy Class A+
kWh/1000h 40
Equivalence with incandescent lamp W
Tech Info
Dimmable NO
Number of ON-OFF cycles 100000
Power Factor 0,96
Warm-up time up to 60 % of the full light output Instant Full Light
Lamp start time <0,2s
Mercury (mg) 0
LLMMF - Lamp lumen maintenance factor 70%
T (░C) Working environment Temp. -25░C / +35░C
Fulfilled Directives and norms 2006/95/CE * Bassa Tensione
2004/108/CE * CompatibilitÓ Elettromagnetica
2011/65/UE * RoHS
2012/19/UE * RAEE
EN 61547 * anno 2010
EN 55015 * anno 2014
EN 61000-3-2 * anno 2007
EN 61000-3-2/A1/A2 * anno 2011
EN 61000-3-3 * anno 2014
EN 60598-1
EN 60598-2-2
2010/30/EU * Energy Consumption
874/2012 * Regulation for Energy Labelling
P.I.: 03312240488
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