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HB2- High Bay
  • TYPE: Suspension fixture for installation in large commercial or industrial spaces; it uses SMD technology. Also available in a DALI version.
  • IP65.
  • IK 08
  • CHARACTERISTICS: It is composed of an independent power supply system connected to the body of the fixture with small columns for improved thermal management. The optical unit is integrated into the aluminium body for perfect heat dissipation. The fixture body can be completed with an aluminium reflector to obtain a different aesthetic and an antiglare effect. Flicker free.
  • Do not use with dimmers
  • Lifetime: 50000h L70 B20
  • Risk Group: 1
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • OPTIC: The optical system is composed of an array of SMD optimised lenses with a beam opening of 90░ for the 100W model and 120░ for 200W models.
  • MATERIALS: Grooved die-cast aluminium for heat dissipation.
  • ASSEMBLY: Equipped with a mounting ring for suspension installation. For ceiling or wall installation order the accessory code that comprises the bracket and the relative accessories.
  • ACCESSORIES: the luminaire can be completed with an aluminum reflector (KTHB2-100-R for 100W and KTHB2-200-R for 200W).
Item Characteristics
Code HB2-100
Lamp Voltage 220-240 V
Nominal Power 100 W
Base cavi/wires
Flux 13000 Lumen
Light Tonality Natural light
Colour temperature 4000 K
Opening beam 90░
Diameter 262 mm
Lenght 174 mm
Weight 2200 gr
Axis cd 7280
Photometry HB2-100
Irc/Ra >80
Lifetime 50000 h
Tech Info
Dimmable NO
Power Factor 0,92
T (░C) Working environment Temp. -25░C / +45░C
Fulfilled Directives and norms 2006/95/CE * Bassa Tensione
2004/108/CE * CompatibilitÓ Elettromagnetica
2011/65/UE * RoHS
2012/19/UE * RAEE
EN 61547 * anno 2010
EN 55015 * anno 2014
EN 61000-3-2 * anno 2007
EN 61000-3-2/A1/A2 * anno 2011
EN 61000-3-3 * anno 2014
EN 60598-1
EN 60598-2-2
2010/30/EU * Energy Consumption
874/2012 * Regulation for Energy Labelling
P.I.: 03312240488
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