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  • TYPE: High efficiency SMD LED sources LED source integrated in a Class III IP65 downlight fixture, Ra90, 50000 hours.
  • CHARACTERISTICS: IP65 fixture both optical/front side and the back/component side; IP20 remote driver included in the package.
  • Flicker free.
  • Do not use with dimmers
  • Lifetime: 50000h L70 B20
  • Risk Group: 1
  • Warranty: 5 years DIMMABILITY: Helios can be used with multi-current dimming power supply, code DELT40D-M. STANDBY EMERGENCY: Helios can be used with standby emergency kit, code KTEMR03.
  • MOUNTING: Complete with springs for easy fastening on false ceilings. Cable (1 m) with IP65 quick connector.
  • MATERIALS: Aluminium finned dissipation body.
Item Characteristics
Code DH80L140EX
Lamp Voltage 220-240 V
Nominal Power 40 W
Base cavi/wires
Flux 3200 Lumen
Light Tonality Natural white
Colour temperature 4000 K
Opening beam 90
Diameter 230 mm
Lenght 73 mm
Weight 240 gr
Axis cd 1400
Photometry DH30L130EX
Irc/Ra >90
Lifetime 50000 h
Tech Info
Dimmable NO
Number of ON-OFF cycles 100000
Power Factor 0,9
LLMMF - Lamp lumen maintenance factor 70%
T (C) Working environment Temp. -25C / +45C
P.I.: 03312240488
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