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DuraNeonFlex - VERT Flex
DuraNeonFlex - VERT Flex
  • DNF is a flexible extruded silicone profile, complete with 120 LEDs per meter strip.
  • Range of white colors and pure colors
  • The DNF range has two different powers: 9W and 14W for the whites and 9W power for colors; 14W for RGB.
  • Anti-glare function of the diffuser.
  • Dimmable
  • VERT flex version: the light is emitted on the upper side of the luminous channel.
  • With DNF VERT you can create curves with a diameter as small as 30 cm.
  • Maximum length per single supply: 10 meters. Cutting pitch: 5 cm.
  • Can be ordered with customized measurements on project: it can be supplied with or without electrical terminals or in 10 meter or 50 meter reels without terminals.
  • This code refers to a 10m reel without terminals.
  • Terminals are available with in-line output with the strip, side exit and rear exit. For the list of compatible terminals see below. For terminals already mounted, see the specifications in the dedicated brochure ( Web Page ).
  • DNF supplied complete with terminals is IP65.


  • Maximum current for each 4 Amp supply.
  • It is fixed in support with the clips; can be cut following the cut marks (5cm). Equipped with different terminals for the power supply to be chosen depending on the installation.


  • KT09UVL1: VERT Flex connection kit with in-line terminal.
  • KT09UVL2: VERT Flex connection kit with terminal with side exit.
  • KT09UVL3: VERT Flex connection kit with terminal with lower output (under the channel).
  • KT09UVS1: VERT Flex transparent "omega" clip kit.
  • KT09UVC1: VERT Flex base fixing clip kit.
  • KT09UVP1: VERT Flex 1 aluminum profile (965 mm).
  • KTUVPF2: VERT Flex 1 flexible metal profile (20 m).
Item Characteristics
Code 09UV2409AM
Nominal Power 90 W
Base caviliberi/free wires
Input voltage 24V DC
Opening beam 180░
Lenght 10000 mm
Photometry DURANEONFLEX.zip
Lifetime 36000 h
Energy Class B
Equivalence with incandescent lamp 283 W
Tech Info
Dimmable YES
Operating Position 360░
Power Factor 1
Warm-up time up to 60 % of the full light output Instant Full Light
Lamp start time <0,2s
Mercury (mg) 0
LLMMF - Lamp lumen maintenance factor 70%
T (░C) Working environment Temp. -25░C / +35░C
Fulfilled Directives and norms 2011/65/UE * RoHS
2012/19/UE * RAEE
2014/30/UE * CompatibilitÓ Elettromagnetica
EN 61547 * anno 2010
EN 55015 * anno 2014
EN 61000-3-2 * anno 2007 (+A1/+A2:2011)
EN 61000-3-3 * anno 2014
EN 62471 * anno 2010
IEC/TR 62471-2
EN 62031 * anno 2009 (+A1:2013)
EN 60598-1 * anno 2009
EN 60598-2-1 * anno 1997
2010/30/EU * Energy Consumption
874/2012 * Regulation for Energy Labelling
2009/125/CE * Progettazione Eco Compatibile
1194/2012 * Progettazione Eco Compatibile
P.I.: 03312240488
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