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  • Single circuit LED strip. Excellent luminous efficiency and an emission able to replace fluorescence in most applications, with the additional benefit of versatility.
  • Ra> 95
  • Extreme long life and absence of maintenance.
  • Absence of UV emission.
  • Ease of application: it can be fixed with the 3M double-sided tape, the strip is provided with, or with fixing bridges.
  • Cutting distance: 10cm.
  • 5 metres package. Wattage below indicated is intended for the whole reel.
  • Package complete of accessories for mounting.
  • IP68
  • Separable every 10cm.


  • Do not use this item with electronic transformers for halogen lamps: it is recommended the use of the drivers indicated.
Item Characteristics
Code 07U352412XO
Lamp Voltage 24V DC V
Nominal Power 60 W
Base connettore
Lamp Current 2,5 A
Flux 5750 Lumen
Input voltage 24V DC
Light Tonality Warm light
Colour temperature 3500 K
Opening beam 120
Lenght 5000 mm
Lenght 1 5 mm
Lenght 2 10 mm
Weight 380 gr
LED Number 600
Axis cd 390
Irc/Ra >95
Lifetime 60000 h
Energy Class A+
kWh/1000h 60
Equivalence with incandescent lamp 315 W
Tech Info
Dimmable YES
Operating Position 360
Open fittings YES
Number of ON-OFF cycles 100000
Power Factor 1
Warm-up time up to 60 % of the full light output Instant Full Light
Lamp start time <0,2s
Mercury (mg) 0
LLMMF - Lamp lumen maintenance factor 92%
T (C) Working environment Temp. -25C / +35C
Fulfilled Directives and norms 2009/125/EC * Ecodesign
1194/2012 * Regulation for Ecodesign
2015/1428 * Regulation for Ecodesign
2010/30/EU * Energy Labelling
874/2012 * Regulation for Energy Labelling
2011/65/EU * RoHS
2012/19/EU * RAEE
2014/30/EU * EMC

CEI EN 55015:2014 (+A1:2016)
CEI EN 60598-1:2015 (+EC:2015/+EC:2016)
CEI EN 60598-2-1:2012
CEI EN 61000-3-2:2015
CEI EN 61000-3-3:2014 (+EC:2014)
CEI EN 61547:2010
CEI EN 62031:2009 (+A1/+A2:2015)
CEI EN 62471:2010
IEC/TR 62471-2:2009
CEI 34-141:2014
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