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Vita media
Average lifetime

Axial filament: vertical filament for a better orientation of the light

Can be used in open fittings, without protection screen

Can be used only in luminaires provided with a protective shield

Cannot be used with dimmers

Dimmable - Can be used with dimmers

Horizontal working position, inclanation not exciding 15° (or what indicated in numbers).

Elimination of UV rays. Reduction of discoloration of the illuminated objects up to 80%.

It emits high levels of UV radiation.

The lamp must be switched off if the outer bulb is broken.

Reflector made of aluminum or aluminized glass: heat is emitted in the same direction of the light beam.

“Cool beam”: the majority of the heat is dissipated to the rear of the lamp.

Class 2 fitting - double insulation

Can be mounted on
flammable surfaces

This item should not be disposed in regular city waste:  it needs special waste collection

Tidy man: smaltire la scatola correttamente.

CE mark: more info inside Technical pages

This logo identify an item that allows for energy saving.

Identifies an item which underwent technological betterment in order to reach better performances

Unplug before connecting the lamp.

Do not handle the lamp
by the tubes or glass

Do not touch the lamp with bare hands. If this happens,  wipe it with a cloth moistened with alcohol.
Not suitable for covering with thermally insulated material.

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