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WEEE Directive
The European WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive obliges manufacturers to finance the cost of waste disposal in order to promote sustainable development and a correct treatment of end-of-life products. In order to fulfill this obligation, companies use specially created consortiums. These consortiums handle the financing realized from the various specific contributions or “fees”, i.e. contributions which are ‘visible’ since they are separate from the price of the article. These amounts can be fixed by the consortiums, according to the type of product and the local method of assimilating the European Directive.

All discharge lamps are regulated by the WEEE directive, which includes normal discharge lamps as well as fluorescent, linear, compact and electronic lamps. All lighting appliances, without distinction, are also subject to an Eco-contribution. The eco-contri-bution is shown on the invoice. In other European countries the regulations applicable may be very different from the situation described above. Interested parties should obtain more detailed information from specific local publications.
With regard to waste disposal Duralamp is assisted by the ECOLIGHT Consortium in Italy, Ambilamp in Spain, etc..

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