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About Us

Duralamp, the history

Duralamp is the company of  TARGETTI Group  in charge of the very heart of any light fittings: luminous sources.

Back in 1928 Mr. Targetti established his first lighting shop in Florence. Since then, the growth of the company has been tremendous and today the TARGETTI Group is one of the world leaders in the indoor and outdoor architectural lighting sector.

With over 70 years of experience and professionalism, the Group produces and markets lighting fixtures and systems which are the perfect synthesis of technology and design.

At the beginning of the '80s Targetti decided that a lamp manufacturing division was needed to serve the ever expanding European market. DuraLamp SpA was born (1982). Using the quality standards Targetti is well known for, Duralamp quickly became a very successful company in Italy and throughout Europe.

Today DuraLamp is one of the strongest brands of TARGETTI, with distribution throughout the world. Investing greatly on Research & Development of innovative luminous sources, Duralamp manufactures a complete range of lamps including incandescent, halogens, fluorescents,  discharge lamps and LEDs.

Green mission

We all strive for a better future. Duralamp strongly believes in Research & Development: create products which are more and more efficient and work for a sustainable future.

That’s the inspiration of our passion for innovative light sources, in a sector which is crucial to future development: energy savings. Since the first Energy Saving SuperDuralux 30W, mony other innovative lamps have been produced and many more will come. As far as tomorrow is concerned... the sky is the limit, keeping in mind that environmental benefits are based on efficiency.

Because we all have to strive for a better future but we can, and certainly want to make a difference!

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