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The Tower lit in the Saint's night
On June 16 on the occasion of the Feast of St. Ranieri protector of Pisa, the tower is illuminated in all its magical splendor. It is always exciting for us to see this magnificent project realized by TARGETTI powered by DURALAMP, reveal itself to the world in its unparalleled beauty.
We like to share the words of one of our technicians, who was on the tower together with TARGETTI architects and lighting designers on the day of the first DURASTRIP accent test with which the project was developed: "Being on the tower, on the worn out steps where hundreds of people have walked barefoot over the centuries is in itself exciting and so is being there to put in the best light such a unique and dear monument in the world. After the day's work, it was almost 9:00 p.m. and the sun was setting. .. there was a moment of absolute silence and then the tower was lit, all together, with our stripes... there was a roar of wonder among the people on the lawn... a truly magical moment for all those who were there... a thrill... To see the tower in all its beauty shine in the night... a great pride..."

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