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Find all LED panels news:recessed, surface or suspended.
 SLIMFLUX 60x60 Ra>90 UGR dimmable panel...PLUS of the range!   SLIMFLUX 60X60 Ra>90 UGR PLUS PANELS
SLIMFLUX ROUND 60 panel dimmable with TRIAC. Suspended version with traslucent panel and direct/indirect lighting available on project
SLIMFLUX 60x60 dimmable panel: BASIC, BASIC+UGR or PLUS
60x60 or 62x62 UGR PLUS + HP panel
SLIMFLUX 30x120 UGR PLUS dimmable panel
SLIMFLUX 60x120 UGR PLUS panel
SLIMFLUX 60x60 Q4 panel with dedicaded micro modular optics for precise light distribution and total glare control
VINTAGE recessed panel: ideal to mantain existing aesthetics and provide significant energy saving
SLIMFLUX UP&DOWN translucent dimmable panel: fixture of great visual lightness characterized by dual emission - downwards and upwards. Its projected upwards light creates a striking effect that adds to any classic or modern environment.

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