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A very slim line of light (8 mm) with no LED dotting, without cut limitations, flexible enough to be able to create 60 mm curves and available in 8 colours besides white light: DNF MINI is a small part of an amazing family!
Entirely extruded in high transmittance silicone, weather proof and impact resistant, it is suitable for creating particularly detailed and attractive light patterns, even in a single connection of 10 meters.
The closing terminals are in a translucent silicone allowing the light to pass through to be the same colour as the strip.
Flexible light lines in extruded silicone, 8 mm thick with uniform and balanced VERT light emission and no LED dotting.
Flexible light line with a continuous lighting effect: so flexible you can create curves with a minimum diameter of 3 cm and allows twisting of 360° in 30 cm!
Lifetime: internal use >50,000h; external use>35,000h
Warranty: 3 years
Surface mounted with clips; can be cut at any point (free cut).
Fitted with different outputs for power supply.
Installation temperature: 0° ~ 35°C; working temperature: -25° +35°C.
Extremely flexible, impact resistant and weatherproof extruded silicone.
Usage information
Dimmable 0-100%
Analogue and digital domotic control systems
Push Dali with ZKCDA controllers
CASAMBI compatible
Packaged in 10 meters reels.

DNF MINI can be ordered in custom lengths, with a max of 5 meters per electrical connection - with no minimum cut size - without or without the terminals needed for the project (in-line, side, or rear connection).
Colour of the light
Range of whites and 8 colours:
3000K - 3500K - 4000K - 6500K
Red, green, yellow, orange, blue, cyan, purple
DNF MINI Bottom fixing clips. Includes 5 clips and 5 screws.
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