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What “makes the difference” between a Duralamp backlit panel and ....
Backlit LED panels are enjoying market approval because they offer maximum efficiency at minimum industrial cost, let’s see why...

Manufacturing technology

The LEDs, each with its own dedicated lens, are fixed directly onto the rear shell (1) with pre-moulded positioning slots, to ensure maximum precision.
The rear shell with the LEDs is designed to be at a certain distance from the external microprismatic diffuser (2) , to ensure maximum light uniformity, this is why backlit panels have much higher thickness compared to sidelight panels. An advantage of this construction method is to a very large heat dissipation surface, keeping the temperature of the LEDs low and offering very long life, thus saving on maintenance. Simpler construction methods than those for side-light panels mean that the production of backlit panels is optimised and more economical.

What “makes the difference” between a Duralamp backlit panel and others on the market?

Duralamp guarantees all of the following key elements that differentiate a good backlit panel from a low quality panel: - The number of LEDs, which must guarantee maximum uniformity of light diffusion; - the quality of the LEDs, so that there are no differences in illuminance and chromaticity distinguishable from the outside; - the quality of the PMMA primary lenses (those positioned on the LEDs); - the LED/lens ‘packaging’; - the front diffuser, UGR19 or UGR22, made of anti-yellowing PS, which is a less expensive material than PMMA, already used for the primary lenses. With the same luminous efficiency as side-light panels, Duralamp backlit panels are the best solution for budget-conscious projects.
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